Beam and Block

Beam and Block

Beam and block floors consist of precast prestressed concrete beams spaced at centres to suit the use of various sized infill blocks depending on the span/load requirements. The beams are 50N concrete with high tensile wire providing an efficient structural member.


Both beams and blocks are commonly available making it the most economical type of suspended ground floor.

Ease and Speed of Erection

Beams and blocks can be easily handled and placed on site. Reduced preparation and speed of erection provide significant cost benefits to the contractor. Installation can even be carried out when adverse weather conditions are encountered.

Immediate Working Platform

Once installed and brush grouted, beam and block floors provide an immediate working platform.

Reduces Site Work

Beam and block floors eliminate costly excavation and consolidation of backfill prior to placing oversite concrete. There is also the potential to save foundation costs by supporting non-load bearing partitions of the beams.

Accommodation of Services

Holes for services through the floor can be provided simply by removing a block or by drilling through a block for smaller holes. Trimmers can be provided to form larger holes.

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