Technical Details

Technical Details

All beams are manufactured to BS8110. The beams are pre-stressed, and therefore, have an inherrent camber which should be allowed for in the finishes. A minimum void of 75mm must be provided beneath the soffit of the floor. 

Prestressed Beams have a minimum of ½ hour fire resistance. This can be enhanced to 1 hour using a suspended ceiling.

Standard building blocks can be used as infill between the beams. The infill blocks can range from a density of 480-2000 kg/m³ depending on thermal or sound requirements. A minimum compressive strength of 3.5N/mm² with a transverse load capacity of 3.5N on 420mm span is required under domestic loadings and 7.0N/mm² elsewhere.

Once the beam and block is installed, the whole floor should be grouted with a 3:1 sharp sand/cement mix. The grout is brushed with a stiff broom over a wetted surface. Rhino Precast Ltd can provide a comprehensive free design service for customer's approval prior to manufacture

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