Hollowcore planks are precast concrete elements incorporating longitudinal voids or ‘cores’ through its length to reduce the self-weight and provide an efficient lightweight section. Pre-stressed high tensile strands provide a slab which is has an economic load/span ratio. The hollowcore planks are nominally 1200mm wide, however, they can be cut to various width to ensure economic coverage throughout a structure.


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Benefits of Hollowcore plank floors

Ideal for all types of construction

Hollowcore planks are suitable for use in masonry, steel frame and concrete structures. They are suitable for use in all types of building including residential, commercial and industrial. 

Ease and Speed of Erection

The Units are hoisted into position on the supporting structure direct from the delivery vehicle and then grouted. Time-consuming activities such as propping, shuttering and concrete pouring are virtually eliminated. 

Immediate Working Platform

Once grouted the completed floor provides an immediate working platform for follow on trades, therefore, reducing site delays to a minimum.

Large Spans

Prestressed units can be used to achieve large spans. This offers the designer flexibility and eliminates the need for intermediate supports.

Fire Resistance

Concrete is inherently fireproof without the need for additional treatment. This means a minimum of 1 hour fire resistance can easily be achieved as described in BS8110 and BS EN 1992-1-2. 

Sound Resistance

Due to its mass concrete planks provide high resistance to both impact and airbourne sound, therefore, providing an ideal solution for compliance with the Building Regulations Approved Document E ‘Resistance to the Passage of Sound’. Hollowcore floors hold a robust detail which eliminates the need to carry out Pre Completion Testing.


Hollowcore planks are factory produced ensuring high quality flooring solution.

Flexibility in Design and Manufacture

Hollowcore planks can be manufactured with pre-formed slots for service holes therefore reducing the requirement for on-site drilling. Reduced ends can be formed at the ends of planks allowing shelf angle bearing or bearing into the web of steel beams. 

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