Stairs and Landings

Stairs and Landings

To complement the flooring sector, Rhino Precast Ltd supply a range of Precast concrete stairwell components. The use of Precast Stairs and landings in today's construction can lead to significant cost savings and advantages, e.g. reduction in on-site labour, speed of erection, immediate access to floor levels. A wide-variety of staircase combinations can be provided to suite customer requirements.

Immediate Access

In most situations the complete installation of the staircase and suitable protection provides immediate routes between floors and ease of access for follow-on trades. This can speed up construction work and increase site safety and efficiency.


Precast Stairs offer excellent quality at economic cost. Precast stairs eliminate complex on site shuttering and site poured concrete.


All staircases and landings provided are manufactured under factory-controlled conditions using only high quality materials and mouldage, eliminating the quality control issues normally associated with on-site construction.

Easy to Erect

Lifting points are cast in during manufacture provide a safe, quick and easy method of handling and installation.

Ease of Programming

The precasting of stairs allows for accurate programming by site. Delivery and manufacture of each element is unaffected by weather or other on-site difficulties.

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