Pre-stressed Wall Panels: What are they?

Pre-stressed Wall panels are concrete panels which are ‘stackable’ vertically due to the tongue and groove joints. Sockets for steel clips are cast into the concrete unit enabling it to be attached and secured between steel columns. The clips are also provided by Rhino. High tensile reinforcement strands run along the length of the wall offering an efficient and lightweight solution.

Rhino Precast provide a comprehensive range of thickness and heights;-

Concrete Wall Panel Diagram

  • A = 500mm, 600mm, 1000mm, 1200mm & 1500mm
  • B = 95mm, 145mm 180mm & 280mm
  • C = Up to 7600mm

Pre-stressed Wall Panels: How are they made?

Pre-stressed wall panels are cast in steel moulds which are profiled to provide the tongue and grove top and bottom of the unit. The manufacture process involves tensioning high tensile reinforcement strands, placing stop ends to define the length of unit required and then pouring and compacting concrete. The thickness of the unit is determined by the span/load required. The walls are fabricated in a factory environment ensuring the highest quality finish and dimensional accuracy.

Pre-stressed Wall Panels: Where can they be used?

Pre-stressed wall panels are suitable for use in steel or concrete frame agricultural and industrial buildings. They can be used internally or externally.

Pre-stressed Wall Panels: The benefits

  • EASE AND SPEED OF ERECTION – The pre-stressed wall panels can be hoisted into position on the supporting structure directly from the delivery vehicle forming an immediate wall. Considerable heights can be achieved by installing multiple units vertically due to the tongue and grove profile. The tongue and grove profile ensures easy and good alignment. All units have proprietary lifting points cast in to provide a safe, quick and easy method of handling and installation.
  • FIRE RESISTANCE – Pre-stressed wall panels provide fire resistance without the need for additional treatment. The wall panels achieve a minimum 1 hour fire resistance as described within BS8110 and BE EN 1992-1-2.
  • REDUCES SITE WORK – With precast, ready made units delivered to site, consuming activities such as complex shuttering and concrete pouring for insitu walls are eliminated. Once joints are filled, the pre-stressed units can provide a watertight structure.
  • DESIGN FLEXIBILITY – Pre-stressed wall panels can be manufactured at a variety of height, thickness and lengths to suit various configurations of structural design or column widths. Panels can also be removed and re-positioned providing flexibility to re-configure layouts if necessary.

Pre-stressed Wall Panels: Technical Details

  • FINISH – The pre-stressed panels are an ex-steel mould finish.
  • PRE-STRESSING - As the panels are pre-stressed, they can flex on impact where normal block walls could crack, therefore, offering some resistance to accidental damage.
  • LIFTING ANCHORS – The pre-stressed wall panels are manufactured with the provision of either spherical head or frimeda lifting anchors to ensure correct and safe lifting. Rhino Precast will provide details of lifting clutches where required. If stairs are supplied on a supply and fix basis, our operatives carry all the necessary lifting equipment.

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