Site Safety

Site Safety

One of the major causes of injury on building and construction sites is falls from heights. The Health & Safety Executive now insists that the hierarchy of fall protection must be followed for all operatives working at height. Therefore passive fall arrest systems must be provided rather than active systems. Please see our solutions and products for meeting the current Health & Safety regulations for working at height.


Nets can be installed so close to the work level it prevents the kind of fall likely to cause injury. They offer a collective form of protection which is deemed an improvement on harnesses or lanyards i.e. PPE relies on the active responsibility of the individual worker. The technical side of fall prevention has now embraced energy absorption as the fundamental issue to govern design and manufacture of nets. This means fall arrest nets are now one of the most effective and economical choices for hazard management at the first level available after removal of the Hazard.

 Rhino Precast installation

Safety nets can be effectively employed to reduce potential falls and to minimise their effects. They offer collective passive safety as they protect everyone working within their boundary, without requiring those workers to act to be protected. They allow a broad range of activity to continue with minimum restriction. Safety nets have high energy absorption capability, and therefore offer a 'soft landing' that minimises injury. THEY SHOULD ALWAYS BE FITTED AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE TO THE UNDERSIDE OF THE WORKING LEVEL.


The Air Bag system consists of a series of interlinked air mattresses located under the work area. The mattresses are connected by push connectors and / or flexible couplings and then inflated on site by a pump fan either electric, petrol or butane powered. The individual mattresses fill with low pressure air to expand and form a continuous protective surface and are manufactured in various sizes which allows for use in any configuration and with simple planning, allows for configuration for any house design or large commercial or industrial project. They can be delivered and erected one day prior to any operation involving personnel at height. Alternatively, they can be erected on the day, if the size of the project allows it.

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