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Precast Stairs and Landings: What is it?

Precast stairs and landings are reinforced concrete stair flights or solid reinforced landings prefabricated in a factory environment  ensuring the highest quality finish and dimensional accuracy and a minimum Type A finish as per BS8110.

Precast Stairs and Landings: How is it made?

Precast Stairs and landings are made from bespoke timber or adjustable steel moulds. The span/load of the flight/landing will determine the waist thickness and diameter of the reinforcement bar used. A reinforcement cage is then fabricated, the concrete then poured, and once cured, the timber formwork is stripped or the stair is lifted out of the steel mould.

Precast Stairs and Landings: Where can it be used? 

Precast stairs and landings are suitable for use throughout the entire construction industry, whether that be within traditional masonry buildings, steel framed or concrete structures. They can be used within all building types including residential, commercial and industrial. 

Precast Stairs and Landings: The benefits

Ease and Speed of Erection – The precast stairs and landings can be hoisted into position on the supporting structure directly from the delivery vehicle forming an immediate stair and access. All flights have proprietary lifting points cast in to provide a safe, quick and easy method of handling and installation. 

Fire Resistance – Precast Stairs and landings provide fire resistance without the need for additional treatment. The stairs and landings achieve a minimum 1 hour fire resistance as described within BS8110 and BE EN 1992-1-2.

Immediate Access - Once installed, the precast stairs provide immediate floor to floor access for follow on trades. This can speed up construction work and increase site safety and efficiency.

Reduces Site Work – With precast, ready made units delivered to site, consuming activities such as complex shuttering, concrete pouring and waiting for curing are virtually eliminated.

Design Flexibility  – Precast stairs and landings are bespoke designed and manufactured to suit various configurations of architectural design as well as varying widths, rise heights and goings to suit building regulation requirements.

Precast Stairs and Landings: Technical Details

Soffit Finish – The precast stairs and landings achieve a type A finish in accordance with BS8110 which means they are unsuitable for exposed soffits or direct decoration. If a type B finish is required, please contact our technical department for further advice.

Lifting Anchors – The precast stairs and landings are manufactured with the provision of either spherical head or frimeda lifting anchors to ensure correct and safe lifting. Rhino Precast will provide details of lifting clutches where required. If stairs are supplied on a supply and fix bases, our operatives carry all the necessary lifting equipment.

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